A Very Big Thanks to:

The CG Air Station New Orleans Command for supporting the event. 

LCDR Scott Austin, who started it all back in 2013.

MEC Sean Lawler, who created the 2016 Shirt Design. 

Everyone who supported the event! Without you none of this is possible.

6535 HERO WOD Rules:
The Workout:
4 Rounds:
400m Run
65 Air Squats
35 Burpee Pull-ups

There will be two divisions

1. Individual: All movements and reps will be completed by a single individual.

2. Team (2-4 members): All members will complete the run portions together.  During other movements, reps may be divided as necessary, but one member must be working at all times.  All reps of a single movement must be completed prior to the team beginning the next movement.

Movement standards and Scaling: 

65 Air Squats:  Full squats performed to below parallel position (Hip crease below Knee). 

35 Burpees to Pull-ups: A complete burpee (chest and thighs touching ground to standing position) followed by one pull-up with chin above bar level.

*Scaling will be performed through the use of assist bands and/or an 8" box will be used for jumping pull-ups*

400 Meter Run: leaving the workout area, run to the designated mark and return.

Time Limits:

There will be a 60 minute time cap for completion of the WOD for both divisions.


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