Gym Rules


Sign in. The more use the gym gets…the more funding we get…the better it gets.

Leave your ego outside. No one cares if you are an Admiral or if you can squat 500lbs.  Be nice.  We’re all here to become better versions of ourselves.  Help your shipmates make that possible – encourage, inspire and assist each other.

Be courteous.  Don’t workout so hard that you are too tired to put away you equipment.  Take one last look around before you leave and make sure everything is where it goes.
Be clean.  Sweat, spit, chalk and dirt are all fine – as long as you wipe them up when you’re done.  This is a sanitation thing.  Don’t be gross.

Leave it all in the gym.  Physically and literally.  Put in a max effort and walk out the door with nothing left.  Also, don’t take equipment for an “offsite” workout.  This is its home.  Leave it here.
Leave it better than you found it.  As with all things, seize the opportunity to make things better for those who come after you. 

Work hard.  As with life, you will get out what you put in.  Be aggressive.  Be consistent.  What we do is hard work.  Others count on you to save their lives – train with that in mind.     

Honor - Respect - Devotion to Duty

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